about Me

My friends and colleagues describe me as enthusiastic, passionate and witty. Die eigenschappen in combinatie met ervaring voor de klas en in product ontwikkeling bij Philips brachten mij deze droom als trainer, presentator en facilitator. In product ontwikkeling en voor de klas heb ik al veel gepresenteerd, geënthousiasmeerd en gefaciliteerd. Impact maken, met en in kleinere organisaties en met mensen 1:1; voor mij de perfecte driehoek!


Who is Mirjam van Laarhoven?

Why sustainability?

Her passion for sustainability

For me, sustainability starts with hours in the shed with my father. "Ons pap" as it is called in Brabant, was a real inventor. He knew how to make something from anything and because he became paralysed on the left side at the age of 43, I became his second right hand. It's truly because of him that I have learned to see possibilities in anything.

The workshop was full of "old" materials, tools and parts. We could never call it junk "because it was not"!

During my education in mechanical engineering and teacher training, I did not study sustainability as much, but this changed from the moment I applied for a job at Philips. A manager inspired me during my job interview, he talked about the circular economy and I was intrigued. What a great system.

In the years that followed I did many projects with a focus on circular design, circular business models, piloting and human transformation to sustainable behaviour. In addition, I was teaching part-time and I facilitated workshops.

Lately I've been focusing on three areas:

    • SHARE Sustainability: by speaking, moderating at events and meetings and sharing best practices on social media.
    • DO Sustainability: by helping to make medium-sized companies more sustainable through in-company projects;
    • GUIDE Sustainability: by facilitating workshops in which teams themselves work on sustainable propositions and determine the sustainability strategy by means of design thinking;

And currently?

In action

@ Co-creatie t.b.v. de Roadmap SDGs
(zie Tips&Tricks & Workshops).

@ TEDx Eindhoven.