Share, Do and Guide sustainability
using the Sustainable Development Goals

Mirjam van Laarhoven

Key-note speaker & Moderator

Did you know that the audience on average has a concentration span of about 20 minutes? Are you organising an event and are you looking for good content, inspiration but also fun and the right amount of variety in your event design?

Consultancy & Projects

You are convinced that you want to do 'something about sustainability' with your company, but you are not sure where to start? Let me help you with advice or a custom project!


Getting started with sustainability is not rocket science, you just need the right tools and tricks. Do you want to work with a team yourself but do you need a facilitator guiding you in the right direction while having fun? I love to let you shine!


Sustainability is more than just focusing on the environment and more than climate change/crisis. Sustainability is thinking about the future. Sustainability encompasses ecological and social aspects so that we can enjoy our earth happily in the future.

"There's something about sustainability"? What are the SDGs? How can you increase engagement with the help of sustainability?

Start with SeDGe

OptiGroup to acquire Moonen Packaging | Moonen PackagingSustainable innovation lead

Freelance incompany innovation to sustainable propositions.

Freelance workshop facilitation

Pitch training, design thinking, impact measurements with partners of The Punchy Pack (ABN Amro, YEP, etc).

Lead facilitator and Curriculum owner

The Partnership Verkiezing - Lead facilitation using Design Thinking to guide incompany innovation to sustainable propositions.

Sustainability strategy development

Workshop development and facilitation in order to prepare, develop and plan the sustainability strategy in collaboration with Ecorus' employees.

Incompany sustainable strategy initiator

Sustainability strategy & innovation consultancy. Decide on SDGs & guide first steps on sustainable innovation.

About Me

A realistic idealist, a positive people's person with tons of energy. Making society more sustainable is what drives me. I believe that we can only do that together by inspiring and helping each other to increase our impact.

I get energy from people, results and (new) possibilities so that is a perfect match!